Keeping a welcome in the Bay


The WASNC was established as a means to keep the Welsh culture vital in the Bay Area.  Through our foundation we also make efforts to support those who have an interest in learning Welsh. 

We hold events both large and small and distribute news. Most of all we enjoy keeping both those from Wales and those with an affection for Wales (or both) in touch with each other.

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Wade DowDell

WASNC President

Wade writes –

“I began acquiring the Welsh language when I was about fifteen years old, having bought the then-current edition of Teach Yourself Welsh. My study of the language was enhanced and speeded up when I joined John Ward’s Welsh-language class in Sacramento when I was seventeen.
John’s class morphed rather quickly into a mostly-Welsh-language choir, first called Cantorion Bro Sacramento and later Cantorion Gwlad yr Aur, which stuck together twenty-plus years, rehearsing on a weekly basis, with an annual round of performances. This gave me a regular social outlet for using the language and adding to my vocabulary.
Cantorion Bro Sacramento competed in the Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1987 in Porthmadog, where we were the only non-native-speaking choir in our division and placed third out of ten, much to our surprise.
I spent my third undergraduate year at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, as it was then known, on the Education Abroad Program from the University of California.  By then I’d been studying Welsh formally for four years and found myself well-enough prepared to be taught university courses through the medium of Welsh and to enjoy living in a Welsh-speaking town where I was occasionally addressed by strangers on the street in Welsh and find myself capable of responding appropriately.
I wrote my master’s thesis in linguistics on a topic in Welsh-language phonetics/phonology.  Having long ago finished my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in linguistics, I work in the computer speech-recognition and speech-synthesis industry.  I live on a ranchette in San Joaquin County where I talk to the cats, the llamas, and the horses in Welsh.
These, such as they are, are my credentials for being President of the Welsh-American Society of Northern California.”




Nancy is the former president and has been a member of the society since 1990.

She lives in Oakland, CA where …



Laura Richardson

WASNC Treasurer


Laura is the former president and has been a member of the society since 1990.

She lives in Sunnyvale, CA where she works on code that is put into satellites…

Laura …


Howard and Sue Thomas

WASNC Historians

WASNC is a society with a rich past, as of course has Wales. Howard and Sue are the custodians of that legacy.

They live in Los Gatos, CA where they …

Howard and Sue …


John Murden

WASNC Parlimentarian

John is an expert in 

He lives in……. 

John …


CHRistina Richards




Christina is a Stage Manager and Paralegal by profession.

She lives in Danville with her twin 13-year olds and husband, Adam.

Christina runs the newsletter and helps organize the WASNC events.

The Members

The bedrock of the society

The really vital part of the society is the membership. The events would be wasted without a good attendance and we can only “keep a welcome” if we have welcoming people. 

Please consider joining us if you have a Welsh connection, an affinity to Wales or just would like to learn more about Wales.